Modular Cleanroom Partition

Clean Room Partition

We are proud to introduce ourselves as India’s top clean room partition maker. Our organization is headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We manufacture and supply Modular cleanroom panels and partitions, such as Modular Clean Room Wall Partition And Panels, Flush Doors, Ceiling Panel, and Glass View Panels.

Modular Laboratory Furniture is utilized in a wide range of cleanrooms across the world. Our system is willing to adjust to satisfy the standards and specifications of all cleanroom categories as defined by the most recent GMP guidelines used in pharmaceutical applications.

HPL Partition

PMPCT’s high-pressure laminate (HPL) partition walls are made up of modular panel elements with strong chemical and mechanical resistance. HPL partition walls are best utilized in settings where there is a high risk of mechanical damage.

HPL partition wall systems are completely flexible, allowing for the quick de-installation of any individual panel. The panels’ joints are sealed with a unique silicone that complies with all international regulatory standards such as GMP and FDA. Our thorough and early-phase engineering processes ensure the best quality and a highly efficient on-site installation process.

View Panel

A sheet of thick gauge glass, laminated or tempered, with perfect transparency and a 10-year warranty on the quality. This is the PMPCT’s glass view panel, which is the best combination of quality and style we could come up with. We built one or two meter high glass panels for unbroken continuous visibility to further broaden these viewing spots and make our clean rooms even more “open” and light. Glass panels are usually made with 45 mm thick double glazing that is flush with the partition walls or doors’ surface.